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Born in September 2011, Hedayah is  an independent, international Centre dedicated to countering violent extremism. Its headquarter is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is devoted to training, dialogue, collaboration, and research to oppose violent extremism, bringing together experts and experience from around the globe.

Our task was to provide the organisation with a multilingual website that effectively delivers their message in a factual, clear manner, fostering a dialogue with the international audience.


We Deliver Intelligent Content with Creative Thinking.

  • Intelligent + Innovative

    Strategy is at the heart of our production process. By bringing creative minds together with production specialists we generate innovative new solutions that cross the boundaries of various traditional media.

  • Independent + International

    From our studios in London and Abu Dhabi, we operate in the UK, MENA and CIS regions. We work in a variety of sectors, ensuring our content is always culturally informed and audience-appropriate.

  • Collaborative + Meticulous

    Our dedicated in-house production teams (Design, Digital, Image and Motion) share ideas and transfer knowledge. We work to brief and strive for perfection in both concept and execution.